You Should Probably Give A Shit

The scariest thing about the culture we live in is hands down essence of not caring. We believe that there is something inherently wrong with caring, and we will only be remotely happy if we remain carefree. We do not necessarily care when people hurt us because we are afraid to feel, and this fear of emotion prevents us from taking a stand when something hurts.

People often believe that if you care, you will never move on, but that is not so. It is okay to accept that you deserve better than someone who does not have your best interests in mind. We would much rather keep horrible people in our lives than avoid the pain, because it is too hard to care enough. The problem with our generation is that we keep letting people hurt us. We allow people to do these horrible things and in turn, history continues to repeat itself.

We equate caring to pain. At times, pain can be unbearable and it is easier to shut it out by saying that we don’t care. We allow people to treat us like shit because we don’t know how to take a stand for ourselves. Caring doesn’t make you some heartbroken person, but it’s perfectly normal to be upset. Realistically, is a reminder that you are human.

Pain is temporary, and in order to heal, you have to care about it and move on from it. Pain doesn’t trap you in a fit of anger, but instead makes you better. You learn from it. The business of being carefree allows us to never really get over what hurts us, because we never confront it firsthand. We don’t leave toxic relationships and we keep people who are bad for us in our lives. This is because we think that we just don’t care enough to do anything about it.

Now, a lot of people think that when you don’t care, bitterness is gone. The truth of the matter is, is the pain is still there. You are just suppressing it with this mindset that you “don’t care about anything” and are hurting yourself. Allowing people to step all over you and hurt you in the same ways isn’t strength. It’s actually quite sad. You aren’t bitter and you aren’t a bad person for cutting those who cause you harm out of your life. You are most certainly supposed to care when someone hurts you and pain shouldn’t leave you emotionless but instead should make you stronger.

Caring enough to rid yourself of those who hurt you does not make you spiteful, it makes you strong enough to know what’s good for you. You deserve more than to be hurt by the same rusty blade because you are too afraid to pull it out. Strength is knowing what you deserve and fighting for it. When people are carefree, they are just trying to numb themselves. Instead, we should feel everything: all of the pain and all of the heartache.

Pain does not define you, and it comes and goes like waves crashing against rocks by the sea. At times caring will hurt, but at other times, caring will make you strong. Until you learn to care, people will keep hurting you and you will never confront your pain. You have to know what it’s like to lose yourself in a state of carelessness to never want to do it again. Caring does not make you weak, it makes you indestructible.


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