Five Relationship/Dating Blogs That Are A Must Read

As someone who runs a relationship blog myself, I can easily relate to other authors as we mutually share a common interest in the dating field. We understand the good, the bad, and ugly experiences being written so deeply perceptive. I thoroughly enjoy looking at the pieces of various writers for inspiration and pure entertainment. I have narrowed down my personal top five blogs and decided to share these awesome works with my viewers, so enjoy!

1) Hot Alpha Female– I find this specific blog very intriguing. The author’s experiences in the dating world are both honest and down to earth. The “Hot Alpha Female” shares many insights in which she has developed and gained from disasters she has gone through. Most of the words she writes are actually the things that you desperately want to say yourself; however, chose to bite your tongue. I recommend checking out this blog if you’re seeking advice that isn’t sugarcoated for once.

2) 52 Love Stories– 52 Love Stories is not your traditional relationship/dating blog. This website is an absolutely magnet for all of you hopeless romantics out there (myself included). Here, you will read various love stories that share a significant difference than any Nicholas Sparks novel- these stories are real. They also vary from funny, serious, inspirational, and downright adorable. If you are looking for a optimistic outlook on love, look no further.

3) Kiss ‘N Blog– This list just would not be complete without Kiss ‘N Blog. How can you not appreciate a blog with a tagline such as “Sexual politics and self indulgence. Same thing, really“? This website specifically focuses on the single life and the madness behind it; however, there is a variety of different topics to reel you in. For example, you can find pieces from both male and female mind insights. It’s definitely worth the browse! I mean come on, they compared dating to the different categories of rocks for crying out loud.

4) Don’t Be A Slut– I think the title of this blog is pretty much as straight forward as it gets. From a female’s perspective, I believe this blog firmly demonstrates that you do not have to be physically intimate with a guy just to get his attention. The writer shares excellent advice from someone who has been there and been “that slut.” That author states “I write this blog to heal myself. I sincerely hope that I can also heal, inspire and empower other women at the same time.” She certainly excels at just that.

5) Le Love– Last but not least, Le Love is dedicated to broad ideas revolving around one specific topic, which is love of course. What particularly caught my eye about this blog is that all of the posts are submitted by readers, which I think is so great. By doing this, you are able to get such a wide range of perspectives, along with different styles of writing. I just love the overall concept and I think that this also gets more people sharing their thoughts and ideas as well.


You will be missing out if you don’t take the time to engage in these reads, trust me!


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