Making The Best Of A Bad Situation: Meet Marckens Pierre, The Creator Behind Seriously Maybe

During his senior year of college, 28-year-old Marckens Pierre was going through quite a difficult breakup to say the least. The Montclair State University alumni and his ex-girlfriend originally met in their hometown of East Orange, New Jersey, and dated all throughout their childhood up until his final semester at Montclair, where they both attended. Everywhere Pierre went, he wound up seeing his ex. If he wasn’t running into her on his daily route to class, he was easily reminded of her by everything- whether it was a Chris Brown song, or the scent of a Mancinni’s Pizza, which they always ordered together. Marckens couldn’t get her off of his mind, so he began a journal where he jotted down his scattered thoughts and unspoken words that he needed to get off of his chest. All of his feelings were translated and written down in a ragged notebook that he kept under his bed like a little girl’s diary.

Marckens Pierre, the creator behind Seriously Maybe- Image Courtesy of Seriously Maybe
Marckens Pierre, the creator behind Seriously Maybe- Image courtesy of Seriously Maybe

It was not until the following year, in 2010, when the relationship blog, Seriously Maybe came to life. Marckens’ cousin and best friend, Rey always encouraged Marckens to take his writing and inspire others, which is why when he finally decided to create the blog, he asked Rey to help him manage it. Without Rey constantly pushing him, there is no way in Hell he would have ever thought that people would care about what he has to say. At first, Marckens thought that it would be challenging for readers to understand the subjective male’s perspective on various dating topics, especially because his writing is so raw and personal. He was also scared to publicly wear his heart on his sleeve. But, the moment one of his first published articles, “What Is Your Age Requirement When It Comes To Dating?” was published and received great feedback, he was confident in his work and the potential of the blog.

Marckens feels that the most interesting aspect of Seriously Maybe is getting to know those who are fans of his work. He finds it comforting that there are individuals out there who have been inspired by an article he published. This reassures Marckens that the blog manages to bring purpose to people’s lives, motivating him to continue with it in his free time. For those who are interested in becoming bloggers, Marckens has one important piece of advice, which is to be yourself. He finds that the more unapologetic and honest he is, the better the turn out of the article. Marckens stresses that it is also important that you choose a beat topic you are passionate about. As far as journalism goes, he is optimistic that it holds a bright future. As the younger generation continues to resort to social media and other Internet sources for information, blogging will become more and more relevant as time goes on.

Thanks again, Marckens for taking time out of your busy schedule to let me interview you! Everyone make sure you check out his awesome blog here!


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