Five Valuable Tips That Will Make Getting Over Someone Easier

Are you coping with a recent split from an ex, or trying aimlessly to get over someone you wanted but couldn’t have? Has the emotional pain left you crying on your bedroom floor at two in the morning, screaming a Taylor Swift song at the top of your lungs with your mouth full of chocolate ice cream? It is certainly true that time heals everything and there is no specific time limit for when you have to be over someone; however, here are five ways to help yourself cope with letting go of that special someone who has grown to mean a lot to you.

Stay busy. Do not let your mind wander about the what ifs when you are sitting there feeling alone and helpless. It is important that you make sure you keep occupied and do not let your thoughts control your overall happiness. Go get dressed up and have a night on the town with your friends. Or, find a fun and interesting hobby. Spend your time volunteering somewhere beneficial such as the Ronald McDonald House. This is an excellent opportunity to appreciate what you have in life rather than dwell on what you may have had.

Avoid drunk communication. This cannot be stressed enough. Those drunk phone calls, text messages, and Snapchats will not help fill the hole in your heart and suddenly make that special person want you (Trust me, I know this from past experience.) If you continue to do this, you will only wake up wanting to wash away that regretful, and most likely embarrassing feeling each morning. Luckily enough for you, there is a phone application called Drunk Mode that will stop your non-sober mistakes for up to 12 hours.

Let it all out. It is perfectly normal to feel sad, upset, angry, or whatever emotion it may be after going your separate ways with someone who used to be your world. Use all of that tension and put it towards something much more rewarding. For example, kickboxing lessons or a hard gym session. Exercising will boost your confidence and allow you to become mentally stronger in the long run. You will be able to achieve newfound, positive goals for yourself while maintaining a fresh outlook on life.

Meet new people. It is vital that you get back on your feet and put yourself out there. Creating new connections and talking to new, unfamiliar faces could potentially be the best remedy to mend your broken heart. If you’re like me and entirely too shy to talk to that cute guy across the bar, Tinder is the greatest application to still branch out and make new friends. With over 50 million active users, you are bound to find someone worth while in your area. The app creates potential matches based on their proximity to you.

Remember everything happens for a reason. This may be the most cliche piece of advice you have ever heard, but it is nothing short of the truth. Consider yourself lucky that things didn’t end up working out, because now you can look forward to something better that is bound to come your way. Until then, there is nothing wrong with screaming a Taylor Swift song at the top of your lungs, but do it with poise. Music is what helps people unwind and express emotions. No matter how things ended or whose fault it was, I promise, there is always a T-Swift jam to get you through it.


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