Meet Rosie Kelly: Hookup Culture Enthusiast

When Rowan University alumni, Rosie Kelly began her blog, Hookup Culture last year for a school project, she did not expect for her scattered emotions turned writing to have such a huge effect on students out there, let alone the campus community. She was more than ecstatic to discover that other people found the dating and hookup lifestyle as prominent in college as she did. Rosie was first inspired after going through a breakup of her own and little did she know, diving head first into this newly found culture was one of the best experiences she could have possibly asked for. I was fortunate enough to interview Rosie this past week and learn more about her and the thought process behind Hookup Culture.

Photo courtesy of Facebook
Photo courtesy of Facebook

Q: What was your personal goal/overall message you wanted to achieve from Hookup Culture?

A: My personal goal was just to have some sort of community involvement and have people benefit from reading my blog. The overall message is that it’s okay to talk about these things publicly; it’s okay to be single or to have one night stands. Women can be empowered by the hookup culture in many ways.

Q: What has been your favorite post that you have written so far and why?

A: “I Don’t Want To Be Your Girlfriend” was my favorite post. I think it’s important for people to know that girls are not just filled with emotions and spending their whole life looking for their fairytale relationship and prince. It’s very important to be happy alone before being happy with someone else and a lot of people related to it.

Q: Is there anything you wish you had done differently in college? Or, something that you know now that you wish you had known then? If so, explain.

A: I think if I had done anything differently, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I went through a relationship, a breakup, some dating, and being single, and all of it taught me immensely about my character. The only thing I really wish I knew was that it’s much harder to date and meet people outside of college, so it’s not necessary to put off a relationship until after you graduate. But, it was all an experience and I wouldn’t change it.

Q: If you could change one thing about the “hookup culture” that we live in, what would it be and why?

A: I don’t believe that the hookup culture is a bad thing, but I do think some people abuse it. Some people use it to hide behind their commitment issues, insecurities, or to hurt people. I think it should always be used as an experience to grow and get to know yourself before committing or settling for one person.

Q: Do you think society is gaining or losing in regards to how this culture has evolved throughout the years?

A: It’s not a popular opinion, but I don’t think the way our generation dates is wrong. It’s just different. It gives people more time to become who they are, become career and goal oriented, and overall just become independent. If you look back to when our parents dated, which a lot of people think is the right way, and then look at the divorce rates now – it’s pretty easy to see none of us have any idea what we’re doing and it’s all just a learning experience so we can’t judge one way from another.

Q: What is the biggest piece of advice that you would give to college students who find themselves stressing over relationships, love, etc.?

A: The one thing I stress over and over is to learn how to be happy alone. You will never be able to have a successful relationship unless you learn to be successful by yourself. You’re capable of so much more than what you think and if you are going to be in a relationship, it should be with someone who is consistently lifting you up, not someone who is constantly putting you down.

Click here to read more from Rosie on Hookup Culture! Or, follow her blog’s very own Twitter page for updates.


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