Hey Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, Love, Lust, & All The In-Between! My name is Cayla Masters. I am a senior at Rowan University, majoring in Advertising, minoring in Journalism, with a concentration in New Media. I was beyond ecstatic to be enrolled in an Online Journalism course this semester because I have a huge passion for writing and the creative mindset that it entails. With that being said, the pressure was on when it came down to choosing a beat to cover. I mean, how could I just write about one specific topic for an entire semester without boring my fellow readers? Without boring myself?

I have attended three different schools in the last four years; however, the idea of what college is all about has always remained the same. Ultimately, college is one big party where you spend time with several different people, some longer, others shorter. Between the chaos of juggling a full-time course schedule, a heavy work-load, extracurricular activities, and a social life, where does anyone even find time to pencil in a significant other too? I have decided to designate this site to different tips and guidelines for any given situation you can think of in this hookup culture that we live in. I want readers to feel at ease when making connections to stories shared and confiding in professional advice from “love doctors” themselves.

Throughout the next 15 weeks, I intend on covering various topics such as long distance and open relationships, the popularity of online dating applications, how to meet potential dates at the bar, and just exactly how to handle being friend-zoned without damaging the friendship entirely. I even plan on including a photo gallery showing the greatest places in the South Jersey area to bring your date while still maintaining that college budget of yours. The overall mission of this blog is to keep all of you romantics out there confident- confident in the information you are being given, and confident in yourselves when it comes to getting your feet wet in the dating pool.


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